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Automatic Footfall Counter

Removing guesswork makes life easier and less stressful, with in-store retail analytics you have facts to backup your strategy.

Data from our easy to install, low cost footfall counters can be combined with your EPOS data to provide realtime customer behaviour data such as a retail conversion rate, that is the percentage of customers who walk past the footfall counters vs the number of people who make a purchase.

Our footfall counter is a single shot detector utilising the Caffe deep learning model files, this affords a good balance between accuracy and speed in a real-world environment where we have little or no control over lighting. Our footfall counter is trained to identify people, bicycles and dog at present to which an ID is attached to allow POI (Points Of Interest) to be tracked so that direction of travel can be determined. The resulting data is stored locally in an MYSQL database which is then queried using PHP to provide easy to interpret charts via a secure webpage.

The primary advantage of our technology is the ability to determine objects, not just movement.

  • Counts people, dogs and bikes with timestamp and direction
  • Requires mains or 5v USB power supply
  • WiFi connection optional – allows for software updates
  • Size : roughly size of cigarette packet
  • Cost £200+vat plus monthly £10+vat service fee
  • Live stats via intranet page or internet if WiFi available
  • Demo at Coffee Aroma, Lincoln, LN1 1LZ

If the Conversion rate is low during high footfall times increasing customer-facing staff can make a big difference to sales.

Because the footfall counter uses deep learning it can recognise people, dogs and bikes.